About Us

A2A comes from our deep roots, This iconic great charter resonates with our own values in its belief of fair rights for every individual. It is our belief that every child has a right to good food.

We take our responsibility of influencing young people to make good food choices that will impact on their health and wellbeing so that they can enjoy long happy lives. 12- 15 is also the body fat percentage that the world’s top athletes strive to achieve so our name also reflects how seriously we take the healthy body development of future generations.

A2A sounds like a time on the clock too. Team A2A believes that we passed the last hour when it comes to our very special planet, Earth. We will do all that we can to ring the alarm bell louder to help people live a healthier, more responsible lifestyle, to be better with their bodies and the precious world around us.

Our expertise

We were given the task after the Second World War: feed Great Britain’s future generation healthily. We’ve seen it all change over the past 70 years and we continue to transform with the times.

Ready to drive this transformation using our wealth of experience, our highly skilled professional staff have an undying passion for healthy, tasty food.

With us, A2A, the quality and the great taste of the school lunch is unquestionable.

Our Menu