Top quality ingredients, responsible sourcing, teamwork

Marks Of Quality

The Ingredients

Locally sourced, top quality, fresh

We source 80% of our ingredients locally as we are passionate about food quality and reducing air miles by buying what’s in season from as close to home as possible.

For example:

  • Our apples come from orchards in Kent.
  • Our eggs are all free range, laid locally at Great Hookley Farm in Elstead.
  • All our meat and poultry is British Red Tractor farm assured as a minimum and we can trace it all back to the farm of origin.
  • We never serve any fish on the Marine Conservation Society’s ‘fish to avoid’ list and only use line caught tuna.
  • The milk for cooking and drinking is organic and all our bananas and cocoa are Fair Trade.
  • We use Golden Wholegrain flour, milled by the Marriages Millers who have a stunning history milling since 1824! Did you know that they still mill with their Victorian stones? Amazing story!
  • Children love our yoghurt, provided by an award winning, family owned dairy in the South Downs.
  • All of our yoghurts are sweetened with Stevia (a plant based sweetener).

Our menus are free from a huge list* of undesirable additives and trans fats. We do not use MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) aspartame, hydrogenated oils, mechanically recovered meat or GM (Genetically Modified) ingredients. We use palm oil only from sustainable sources.

Kitchen Craft

How The Magic Happens

We put the health of the children in the centre of everything we do. This is why we cook from scratch daily in our schools. We bake fresh bread every day and children have unlimited access to it. We developed reduced sugar and salt, low fat recipes. We never deep fry, we bake or steam instead. Much healthier and amazingly tasty.

To make sure we excite taste buds, we use British culinary traditions and infuse them with contemporary street food from around the world. We love good food. We want to pass on this passion for healthy, tasty food to the next generation.

Experience And Knowledge

Wealth And Depth

Our team is the biggest pride of our business. Pulsing passion and dedication drives our kitchen teams every day to go the extra mile for our customers. Our people are highly skilled, always striving to succeed and whenever we enter competitions we always stand proud on the winners’ podium.

We provide a high quality training path for our staff to support their career progression and fulfil their hunger for professional development. We have over 70 years of experience of providing school meals, our successful past is a strong pillar for our ambitious future.