Allergies And Special Diets

How We Can Help

Supporting therapeutic, ethical and religious dietary needs

Supporting therapeutic, ethical and religious dietary needs

  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Egg Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan Allergy aware (free from)
  • Soya Free

We do not use nuts as an ingredient in the food we serve, however at present, our suppliers cannot guarantee that all products supplied are nut free as products may be produced in premises where nuts are present.

To apply for a special diet menu, please contact your school office. Find out more information about the allergens contained in the dishes on our Primary menu, including a list of the 14 key allergens and the dishes they appear in.

Portion Sizes

These are calculations based on ingredient weights and do NOT take account of cooking losses or gains.

Vegetable values

These are based on one full portion. If both vegetables on offer are selected the portion size and the carbohydrate value for each one will be halved

Please note

Information regarding the carbohydrate content of dishes is provided to assist dieticians & parents calculate intake for diabetic children. This information, whilst as accurate as possible, should be considered advisory.

Product labels which are available in the kitchen, should be referred to for source data. The menu may be subject to change to meet local needs.

Please note that some pre-prepared vegetables from fresh produce suppliers may contain traces of celery and/or sulphates.